An exciting trip

لغات مربوط به سفر پرهیجان

An exciting trip

During the week-end i travelled by air for the first time in my life.

I generally travel by train or is both cheaper and safer.

But this was a short journey.

At the beginning i did not feel very happy.

This feeling did not last long. The trip was very exciting.

I was soon high up in the sky among the clouds.

The view of mountains, fields and rivers was intersting and unusual.

I enjoyed my short and comfortable journey very much.


در خلال – در طول- در مدت


تعطیلات آخر هفته

Travel (led)= to take a trip

سفر کردن – مسافرت کردن

Generally= usually= commonly


Both.... and

هم ... وهم

Both cheaper and safer

هم ارزان هم ایمن

Journey = trip


At the beginnig

در ابتدا- در آغاز

Feeling = emotion


Last (ed)= continue (d)

طول کشیدن

Last long

زیاد طول کشیدن

Exciting= full of excitement

مهیج –پرهیجان

among the clouds

میان ابرها

View= scenery=sight

منظره – دید

intersting and unusual

جالب و عالی

Comfortable= convenient

راحت و آسوده

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