That’s a beautiful necklace." 
"What a magnificent ring." 
"I like the design of your ring." 
"Your bracelet is very nice." 
"I love your watch." 
"What a beautiful pair of earrings." 

"Where did you get your necklace from?" 
"What is the carat on your diamond ring?" 
"Is that your wedding ring?" 

"What type of diamond is that?" 

"What is the make of your watch?" 

"Is that white gold, silver, or platinum?" 

"Is your gold ring 14 carats or 18 carats?" 

carat واحد اندازه گیری طلا و الماس است


 جواب های متداول 

"Thank you. My husband got it for me for our anniversary." 
"Thank you. It was a present from my friend." 

"Do you like it? My grandmother gave it to me." 

"This is a Rolex. My husband and I got a matching pair for our wedding." 
"This is a Cartier. I bought it last summer


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پاسخ به سوالاتی درباره انتخاب رشته دانشگاه آزاد، ظرفیت مازاد ، شهریه ها ، پذیرش صرفا با سوابق تحصیلی دانشگاه آزاد ، نحوه چیدمان رشته ها ، رشته های بدون کنکور و ...

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