Why write؟

Let's start with the main question: why learning to write is important?

Let's start with the main question: why learning to write is important?

Students or maybe other people feel that new technology decrease or even eliminate the need to study writing , in fact new technology in a way of communication  make ability to write well than before . Few people have time to edit their e-mails, pay attention to punctuation or correct their dictation mistake! Here is 3 reason that clearly show the importance of ability to write:

First proficiency to write gives you power! It enables you to accomplish your goal, those goal include being successful in school, keeping and getting a good job and share our vision clearly with a world!

Second gaining control of language is the key to being successful in school or university! As all of you know learning the course is just half of the way because our master and instructors award some students that they have ability to communicate his or her understanding in writing. And most classes require many of writing like exam and reports!

Finally the most important role of writing is getting and keeping a good job. Employers and bosses looking for employees who can communicate with co-worker, clients and supervisors, and having writing skills.

You can see different between get promotion and being stuck in job by skills of writing and communication.

            A useful essay for last year student and English student in school.





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